How do I get started with zentangles?

I am including some of the pages from the Fast Freehand Fills series for this post. Its super easy to get started drawing zentangles. You don’t even have to have an idea just clear your mind and move your pen. Let the creative flow of the universe pass through you and onto the paper. I know that sounds woowoo but that is the basis of zen drawing. Its not about how it looks its about expression. Zen drawing can become an art form eventually but, to start with its about stream of conciousness and unlocking ideas and expression. At first don’t worry about what it looks like just keep going. Here are the introductory images from Fast Freehand Fills to get you started.

What should I draw?

Draw about whatever is on your mind. Use symbols to represent ideas and problems. Use color to show feeling. Many people never add color to zentangles. They are traditionally black, white and grey but, honestly do whatever you are feeling. If you’re feeling chartreuse do it. I’m going to lay out a few drawing prompts below.

  • Unpack your day – draw about the stress of the day and what happened to you today.
  • Make a wish – use symbols to focus your energy into something you really want.
  • Candy – fill a zentangle with candy and patterns you find on candy and candy wrappers.
  • Journal with Images – Use words, patterns and images to help you put your feelings into imagery.
  • Blue – Draw random patterns with different blues, its is calming, cooling and connected with the heavens.
  • Jewels – Draw an outline and fill it with jewels, beads, chains and gemmed patterns and motifs.