Zentangle Rim Patterns

The other day I was driving to work and noticed the beauty and variety of the wheels on the vehicles around me. I actually remembered to look up rims and tires today and create some zentangle patterns using wheels, rims and tire tread. Some of these are really complex almost to the point of drawing snowflakes. The treads can also get very complicated. I was able to find some that were doable for ‘fast freehand’ followers and people who are just learning.

Zentangle Tire Tread Patterns

Wheels are a cool and under used resource for inspiration. I don’t want anyone to be discouraged by the patterns being too difficult to draw. So here is my interpretation of those. I’ve done some in pencil outline so its easy to follow what I’ve done. Its really not that hard to figure out and some of the patterns I had to adjust as I was drawing them. I got into my own flow as I drew them. Sometimes this took me off track from the originals but, I’m not all about perfection as much as I am in this for the spark of creativity that looking at and drawing fresh patterns and fills provides.