Last year at this time, I had just finished writing and drawing Dark Celebrations. I learned a lot about Samhain studying that book and also a bit about Yule. I’ve been thinking about the changing ot the seasons. I moved from Fargo, North Dakota last year to Yuma, Arizona. The trees and the leaves don’t change much here but the temperature does. It gets pretty cold at night here.

Thinking about these differences and staring at my Christmas tree has got me thinking about trees and leaves and the woods and the elven green wreathes and holly of Yule.

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What are you thinking about?

What mindset has the approaching winter season put you in? Are you in a good place? Are you eating cookies and laying under blankets? Or have you already moved on to to the new year? 

This is a good time to begin thinking about what the new year will hold for you, as you hold your hot mug of steaming goodness close to you. Be cozy. Be woodsy. Be drowsy and heavy as you wait for the year to spiral down to a point and be born again. 

Hopefully next year will be better for everyone. Have a healthy and safe holiday season and grab your pen and draw draw draw!