Voynich What?

This post was originally posted on my UnicornPoint blog. I wanted to bring it here as starter material for the new blog. I also want to spread my obsession with the Voynich Manuscript. I love the mystery and primative art contained within this book. I am including several pages of Voynich inspired zentangle patterns for you to use in your next project. The florals are simplified into easy to draw freehand motifs. Here is an introduction to the Voynich Manuscript and some links to the original text and main research sites for the book.

The Voynich Manuscript is this book that I am absolutely obsessed with. It was written in the 1400’s and no one knows how to read it. People are trying like mad to decode it but, no one has succeeded yet. Its probably a herbalist’s or alchemist’s recipe book. The book has tons of drawings that are plant related and astrology related. There are bathing nudes. In my mind, it is of course about how to distill the essences of plants and then how to make medicinal mixtures from those plants. I’m hoping that the bathing ladies are measurements of some kind. When you create an essential oil recipe you have to put drops in a carrier oil. I hope its something like that.

I am going through the designs and illustrations within the Voynich Manuscript. I am looking at them in depth for my own pleasure. While I am doing this I figured why not clean up and simplify some of the drawings into patterns. They are really distinctive and interesting. I think I’d like to use them in drawings at some point. Maybe other people would like to use them as well. I’m going to post pages in this gallery in my spare time. I’m sure this obsession will pass and I will move on to other things but, for now I’m having fun pouring over the manuscript and trying to figure out what plant that drawing is supposed to be and what do all those plants have in common? Are they all poisonous? Did a dark doctor leave behind a tome of deadly concoctions? Probably not but its so interesting and romantic. I love a good mystery especially when it involves weird decorative drawings.

Voynich Zentangle Patterns