This mandala was originally published in my book Mindful Mandalas.

“I celebrate myself, and sing myself.” – Walt Whitman

This mandala will be an exercise in self-love. You will celebrate your strengths and include messages of love and encouragement to yourself. What are the words you love to hear? Say them to yourself. Work them into your drawing. What are your strengths? What are you proud of? Find symbols to represent your best qualities. What colors make you feel loved and strong? Create a mandala that is a celebration of yourself.

Self Love Mandala

Mandala Instructions

Organize this mandala by choosing several things about yourself that are your best qualities. A simple way to layout this mandala might be to choose a certain number of qualities you’d like to celebrate and then use the number of qualities as the number of petals on which to build your mandala.

You could also use concentric rings moving outward from what qualities are fundamentally important about yourself to other less important qualities that are just icing on the cake. You should choose signature colors if you have any. I am in love with heather grey and black.

Pretend you are branding yourself with this mandala. You are marketing yourself to yourself. Discard all negative thinking. Don’t worry about if you are good enough at something compared to other people. Are you impressed with this aspect of yourself? That is all that matters in this mandala.

Write words of praise. Don’t even make a mandala if  you don’t want to. Write yourself a letter of love and encouragement that spirals out from the center of your drawing and fills the whole page. Just love yourself because you are more important than you know.

Self Love Mandala

A Finished Example Mandala