The Natural World


This is a digital book in .pdf form. This book is a reference guide of easy to draw zentangle patterns that are based on patterns found in nature.


This book is finally available for download in .pdf format. You can print it and color in it and share it with people but, please don’t resell it.


Do you love zen drawing but end up using the same 20 patterns again and again? The Fast Freehand Fills series can help with that. The Natural World is book 3 in the Fast Freehand fills series and it catalogs a series of patterns, fills and motifs found in and based on natural structures. Always have a fresh fill on hand with this catalog of basic fills and patterns. The Fast Freehand Fills series provides zen expressionists with a repertoire of found and unique basic patterns that are easy to draw freehand. Woodsy mushrooms, cytoplasmic cells, tear drops and snake skins are all waiting inside this catalog of fills. Great for zen drawing, mandalas and artistic journaling.


Welcome to my new obsession. I love the designs, and drawing them totally unstresses me. I dont get adult coloring books any more… I like these better!

~ 5 Star Amazon Review

Since I’ve gotten ideas from this book and made drawings — looks like it is worth the cost and the time. I have all three books and check them when I have a spot in a painting or multi-media piece that needs “something” more. This is a fast and easy reference set to use.

~ 5 Star Amazon Review