Basic Fills


This is a digital book in .pdf form. This book is a reference book of zentangle patterns that are easy to draw free hand.


This book is finally available for download in .pdf format. You can print it and color in it and share it with people but, please don’t resell it.


Do you love zen drawing but end up using the same 20 patterns again and again? The Fast Freehand Fills series can help. Always have a fresh fill on hand with this catalog of basic fills and patterns. The Fast Freehand Fills series provides zen expressionists with a repertoire of found and unique basic patterns that are easy to draw freehand. Wavy checkerboards, fishnets, pinstripe pajamas and dog bones are all waiting inside this catalog of fills. Great for zen drawing, mandalas and artistic journaling.


My family love this book. It is a handy source to use for fills in art lettering. I have used it for a pattern source to use on my gourds, wood burning, and jewelry making projects. My daughter has used it to inspire her doodle art projects (zentangle like projects), and for decorating eggs with a sharpie. The patterns were easier for her to use than the ones from my collection of zentangle pattern books. The patterns are basic so if you are looking for more complicated patterns, then it may not be what you need. There are no step-by-step directions. It is just the patterns but they are so simple that you can easily figure out how to duplicate them.

We have found that the applications for this pattern source to be varied. I have the full kindle version which works great. I recommend this for anyone who needs an inexpensive source book for pattern fills.

~ 5 Star Amazon Review

Really like this a lot. This is just a bunch of doodling fills, without all the steps. The benefit of this is that *you* get to figure out how you’ll arrive at the finished product, which may cause you to stumble onto a happy accident along the way, and even if you don’t, what you’ll have will most likely more infused with your own drawing skill than if you had it all mapped out for you. I’m not saying the Zentangle thing is bad, but this is just another way of coming at it, thereby exercising *different* creativity muscles, if you will.

~ 5 Star Amazon Review