“This is the beginning of anything you want.”


Since it is January and I enjoy having goals to keep me going throughout the year, I decided to create a new year’s resolution mandala. I’m going to take some of my goals and translate them into symbols and create a mandala from them. You can view my 2021 goals page here.

I Chose 5 Goals and 5 Petals.

  1. Weight Loss – I have got to get back under 200 lbs. Every year I close that gap. I was 208 before the holiday’s hit and now I’m up from there but, its still not as high as last year. Here we go again. I am using a Green heart with a heart beat to symbolize this goal.
  2. Work More – I need to get my stamina up enough to work 30 hours a week. I’m really close to being there. My paycheck will thank me. I have depression really bad and its a physical thing. I just can’t stay awake and alert and the meds make it worse. Anyways, I am using a computer monitor in blue to symbolize this goal.

3. Travel With Family -Actually two of my goals are travel goals. This is the first to travel with my female relatives and have adventures. I will be using a brown wagon wheel to represent this goal.

4. Spoil My Husband – I am going to try and think less about what I feel he doesn’t do for me and more about what I can do for him. I’m working toward a shift in vision to make me less shrewish. I don’t want to be a shrew. Plus, its not all about me all the time. I am using a cup like in the tarot cards to represent this goal.

5. Visit My Dad – My dad traveled to Arizona last year and it was a blast. I’d like to return the gesture and visit him this year if I can. I am representing this goal with a black and gold road.

5 Petals is Tricky.

Let me illustrate how I construct the center of a 5 point mandala. The way I do it is super basic and imperfect. I’m sure you can do better but, this will get you by in a pinch.

Use a pencil and a ruler on a square of paper and make an X so you can mark the center of the paper. 


Five Petal Mandala


Next… Draw a plus to help you determine where the dots for the tips of a star should go. This is not exact but, it works fairly well.

Here is a little more complicated tutorial on how to draw a star.

Five Petal Mandala

What I do at this point is draw a kindergarten star to connect the points and then outline the outside of the star. You can start erasing and adding guidelines now based on the points of the star. 

How to draw a kindergarten star if you forgot.

Five Petal Mandala

Here are my symbols and colors before I did any details on the drawing. The yellow looks a little orange in the image. There are the cups, the wheels, the road, the computer monitors and the hearts to represent my goals for 2021. 

As you draw, concentrate on your goals and think about why you want these things and how you can make them happen. What things can you do to make these goals a reality?

New Year Resolution Mandala

The Finished New Year Resolution Mandala

It’s very small and basic but it made for a great drawing journal exercise. The size of this finished mandala was about 4 inches square. Small enough to fit in almost any journal or notebook. 

New Year Resolution Mandala