Hello, and welcome to Dank Doodles. This site is an evolution of my former site UnicornPoint. I am Dawn Summerall, a zentangle artist, living in Arizona. This site will have lots of free zentangle patterns and mandala prompts. Please, have patience while I work on this site on my days off. My books, the Fast Freehand Fills series will also be available on this website eventually. 

A Few Free Zentangle Patterns

What are Zentangle Patterns Used For?

Zentangles are a genre of drawing that requires very little skill to get started. These drawings are sometimes done in a stream of conciousness style like stream of conciousness writing. You just draw whatever comes to mind.  Sometimes the drawings are planned and more organized.

Sometimes when you are drawing a zentangle you need to see patterns to spark your creativity. You can choose patterns that push your skill level or patterns that give a certain feel to your drawing. If you are working on a zen drawing that is fall themed you might need fall themed pattern inspiration that is easy to draw and works well as a zentangle pattern.

Part of the point of zentangles is they should be drawn mostly freehand. They shouldn’t involve many tools. Expression should be the number one concern with these drawings. Zentangles can be used to work through emotional and mental issues that are hiding inside a person. This form of drawing is journalling made visual.

At least this is how I think of it and where I am coming from when I present new patterns and zentangle prompts.