“Gratitude unlocks the fullness of life. It turns what we have into enough, and more. It turns denial into acceptance, chaos to order, confusion to clarity.”

~ Melody Beattie

We are getting closer and closer to Thanksgiving. This holiday has recently got some bad press. I understand why. But, its one of the most meaningful holidays we have in America if you just take it at face value. We are giving thanks for all that we have. We are counting our blessings and we are grateful to be alive and sharing this life with people we care about. Very few other holidays in America cause us to turn inward and share ourselves and our feelings with others.

You would think there would be more symbols for gratitude. But, they were few and far between and that is a sad mark of our culture. I did find a few though. Thanksgiving is not about turkeys and pilgrims. It is about giving thanks. I’m going to post some imagery for those who would like to zen draw about things they are grateful for. Here are a couple of easy zentangle patterns you can use and the meanings of the motifs.

Gratitude Zentangle
  1. Praying Hands – Not everyone prays and not everyone has faith but, everyone can feel gratitude and humility. Putting your hands together and bowing your head to another person and saying thank you is a widely used way to show appreciation and deference to someone.
  2. Gratitude Symbol – This seems to be an easy to draw and popular symbol for tattoos. The origin may be a play on the @ symbol like @ttitude of Gr@ttitude or something. Whatever its easy to work with and easy to draw. You can also use it with words like @sisters or @tacos.

3. An Opening Flower, Lotus or Mandala – A blooming structure has many meanings. Some of the strongest meanings for this symbol are awakening or opening. You could have an awakening of gratitude or your heart could open and overflow with thankfulness and appreciation.

4. Hearts – Easy to draw and they are a universal symbol of love and appreciation. Even better would be a hand outstretched holding a heart but, I’m on my tablet again and I’m an absolute beginner with tablet drawing. This one was a no brainer but, if you need filler hearts are a good one for this theme.