This mandala was originally published in my book Mindful Mandalas.

For this exercise, I’d like you to think of who or what you are thankful for. Are there people you can never thank enough for what they have done for you? List their names in the petals of our mandala. Count your blessings. Humble yourself and sing thanks for all you have. I have provided some symbols you can use to remind you of things you might be thankful for but, gratitude is very personal and you may have icons of your own which are more powerful.

I have chosen 9 petals for this mandala because 9 is associated with compassion, humanitarianism and selflessness. These ae the traits we strive for in ourselves. We often appreciate these traits in others. For me, the main color is pink because of its link with warm feelings and survival. I chose orange for comfort, abundance and again warmth. Keep the colors warm. Warmth of feeling is what I’d really like to get across with this project. Express your warmth and gratitude for everything you have and everyone you love.

A Finished Example Mandala