2021 Goals

So I’m going to be conservative as I create this 2021 goal list. I honestly don’t know what to strive for at this point. There were a ton of goals I thought I wanted to acheieve before coming to Yuma. I don’t know what to think of Yuma. I feel like I should be here but, that this place is killing my career goals. My children are here. More children and coming. What is the best I can hope for this coming year in Yuma?

  • Buy a Home This is my wildly important goal for the year. I’ve been back and forth on this. Should I or shouldn’t I? We’re getting to the point where it is necessary that we buy a home. Our current upstairs apartment is becoming unbearable. The groceries are constantly delivered to the wrong place and we have 4 vehicles. The property manager won’t fix things properly and the rent goes up every year. So we need a home. Plus, its time for a redesign of our space and I want to update my hobbies. I want to make beads. – I changed my mind again. Stupid house prices in Yuma.
  • Visit My Dad – It was awesome seeing my dad this past year. I would like to try and go down there and visit. – i did it!
  • Work 30 Hours – Get my butt in gear and work a solid 30 hours every week either from home or in shop. – I am doing this!
  • Travel With Family – I hope to do a lot more traveling with my family this year. I got spoiled in 2020. – I went to Vegas!
  • Get Under 200 Pounds – I’m so close with this but, you never know. I might screw it up somehow (i did screw it up). Ever onward! – Eheh
  • Simplify – I want less physical, time, emotional and mental clutter. I need to get rid of stuff and pare down my life and commitments. – in progress!

I need new goals!!!!