I moved to Yuma, AZ from Fargo, ND last June after I graduated with a BS in computer science. So, I have been down here for a year now and I have been working as a web developer for nearly a year. Due to the economic climate of Yuma, social unrest and the coronavirus nothing has gone according to plan. But, I’m still chugging along. I am learning many things. I am working from home now most days. I work for a design company called Imaginary Friends Design Studios.

I am currently in a limbo state. My son and daughter in law are expecting in April. I have a lovely trip coming up in March with family. It is very close to Thanksgiving as of this update and I’m looking forward to putting up a Christmas tree. I got a mini motorcycle I take a licensing class for it in December. I’m trying really hard not to ride it until I’m licensed. So much is coming up. I’ve decided to divide my mother site up into smaller and more specific blogs and websites. I created one called Yuma Website for the budget websites I create with Imaginary Friends Design studio for small businesses and Dank Doodles that is all about drawing, art, zentangle patterns and my books. Most of this year I put forth the majority of my time and energy into learning about web design and wordpress management. I went in so many directions this year. My main learning experiences ended up being with SEO and Zoho One. I didn’t get certified or end up with a masters of any type. I just gained experience and learned how to set up websites from WHM to the front end. Over and over and over and over. I don’t know how I feel about all this change. I can’t wait to start the new year though. 

Please, contact me if you have questions or problems with the site.

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