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Quick Hits: Same Old Show


Movie Time

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Wheels and Mac continue to work the bugs out of their cannabis training program.

Quick Hits: A Seat at the Table


You may have heard. The DEA chose not to reschedule Cannabis. See my more in-depth take on this announcement at The Blong.

Quick Hits: Patient Protection Act

A blast from the from the recent past…


Magic Words

Click here for part 4: “Magic Words”


Click the image to view this installment of “The Little Green Schoolhouse” 

If you want their trust you better learn their language…

“Foreshadowing” Commentary

Click here for Part 3: Foreshadowing


Ah, the shadowy world of marijuana…

When we look back through history at the legality of cannabis, we see our political system in all of its corrupt, naked glory. Cannabis wasn’t outlawed because it is dangerous to our health, it was outlawed because it was dangerous to corporate interests.

I’ll pause right here. I understand that people see a statement like that and think “hoo boy, another anti-corporate anarchist loving hippie dippy twaddle twat”.

Nope. I’m not at all anti corporation. Without corporations we’d still be living on farms and dying of explosive diarrhea at the ripe old age of 27.

But the fact is that corporations and special interests use the legal system to protect their self interests, not the public interests. This is a well known “thing”. A “thing” that William Randolph Hearst and Lammot du Pont employed effectively to protect their business interests back in the 1930’s, kicking off a nearly century long wave of prohibitionist hysteria.

While the history is interesting and something I may explore in greater depth at a later time, the real action is in the current involvement of corporate and special interests. As weed is slowly legalized across the country, watch for those corporations as they find ways to take part in the cannabis market, and to use their influence to make it illegal for the little people to take part in this nascent market.

Click here for Part 3: Foreshadowing

“Charity” Commentary

Click here for Part 2: Charity


“Wait a minute” I can hear you saying. “I thought there were supposed to be weed lessons over here!”

There will be, but I like telling stories so the lessons will be wrapped up in those stories. Fact is there are thousands of resources out there to learn how to grow weed. There are even industry recognized training programs now available (imagine how that would’ve sounded a decade ago). If you need to know…


…then this isn’t the place for you. At least not until I’ve finished the whole thing. When I’m done, that’s when this will truly be the resource to get you up and running quickly.

For now, I want to set the scene. Introduce the characters and their motivations.

…stall for more time to get the lesson plans together…

Ahem… Anyway, enjoy today’s comic!

Click here for Part 2: Charity

“Blackmail” Commentary


Welcome to the Little Green Schoolhouse!

This ongoing project is my way of sharing the knowledge I’ve gained through my involvement with cannabis as a patient and a grower. I’ll warn you early that this will push the boundaries of decency. I’ll keep the nudity to a minimum and only if it is absolutely hilarious. Turn away now if an alligator penis might upset you.

This project is intended to entertain and educate marijuana users new and old, both recreational and medicinal. I sincerely wish that something like this was available when I first made the choice to put down the hydrocodone and pick up the hash pipe. To stop the Baclofen and start the bong. To stop taking the Gabapentin and start toking the ganja-


Sorry, as I was saying. I wish this had been available when I first began. It would’ve saved me a lot heartache and a ton of money.

We’re beginning with “Blackmail”. This comic is borne from the fact that I’m fairly slow at illustrating, yet impatient and wanting to get started with the storytelling. Instead of waiting until I had all of the backgrounds and set pieces finished, I decided to just start and explain away the rough edges as careless work, done grudgingly and through coercion.

Enjoy the comic, rough edges and all!

Click here for Part 1: Blackmail