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There’s a lot going on in the cannabis industry. If you’re in the “biz”, stay vigilant and take care not to fall for distractions!

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That feeling when you’re getting ready to embark on a journey you never thought you’d take. Truth is you’re never really ready so you jump in and stumble around until you figure it out.

Our protagonist is getting ready to do just that…

If you’ve been reading this already you might be confused as to why I’m putting up an introduction at this stage of the game. I began writing this with a fuzzy idea of how I was going to put this all together. As I’ve settled into a groove I’ve been able to see the picture a little more clearly. I also feel a little more comfortable with my ability to draw a passable human.

Enough with the rambling. Go read the comic!

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Day of the Dinosaur


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What could be a more perfect pet for a medical marijuana grower than an alligator?

Mac and Wheels felt the same way and when they went to a puppy mill to find a pit bull for garden protection, the came away with this guy instead.

Herbert the alligator is inspired by the story of a real life alligator (turned out to be a caiman), found “guarding” a 34 pound pot stash, who went by the name of Mr. Teeth.

Sadly, Mr. Teeth died shortly after being taken into custody…

<Green Lives Matter!>

His memory lives on to this day at the Little Green Schoolhouse!

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Drive Thru


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I wrote “Drive Thru” after reading about a fella who parked in front of one of the first recreational pot stores to open in Seattle.

Not that the thought of a medical cannabis drive thru should seem surprising. There’s an absurdity to the way the medical marijuana marketplace was run. Boundaries were pushed and they were pushed hard. Names were given to cannabis strains that would never pass trademark scrutiny, wildly inappropriate packaging was common, dispensaries popped up in residential neighborhoods and business to business transactions took place in parking lots. It was both obscene and entertaining.

The boldness of setting up a drive thru in the parking lot of your competitor encapsulates much of what the Seattle medical marijuana marketplace was all about.

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Let’s Roll: Parts I&II

A double drop today because I felt these both go together…


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I decided to give “Let’s Roll” Part II a different look. Partly because we’re switching tone for one of intrigue, and partly because I think it makes for a cool look.


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A ghost from prohibition’s early beginnings explains the critical role of marijuana’s infamous trichomes.

On The Road With Wheels: The Media




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Making hash can be as easy as rubbing your resin covered fingers together after handling a lot of sticky buds.

It’s called finger hash and it’s a bit gross unless you make it yourself. Otherwise, you might be smoking real snotballs.

On The Road With Wheels: Camp Snowflake

With politics sucking all of the air out of the room, I figured it was time to launch a new politics and culture strip I’ve been working on.




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Mac learns that we shouldn’t be rude when we’re asking for help, even if our cause is righteous.