“Foreshadowing” Commentary

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Ah, the shadowy world of marijuana…

When we look back through history at the legality of cannabis, we see our political system in all of its corrupt, naked glory. Cannabis wasn’t outlawed because it is dangerous to our health, it was outlawed because it was dangerous to corporate interests.

I’ll pause right here. I understand that people see a statement like that and think “hoo boy, another anti-corporate anarchist loving hippie dippy twaddle twat”.

Nope. I’m not at all anti corporation. Without corporations we’d still be living on farms and dying of explosive diarrhea at the ripe old age of 27.

But the fact is that corporations and special interests use the legal system to protect their self interests, not the public interests. This is a well known “thing”. A “thing” that William Randolph Hearst and Lammot du Pont employed effectively to protect their business interests back in the 1930’s, kicking off a nearly century long wave of prohibitionist hysteria.

While the history is interesting and something I may explore in greater depth at a later time, the real action is in the current involvement of corporate and special interests. As weed is slowly legalized across the country, watch for those corporations as they find ways to take part in the cannabis market, and to use their influence to make it illegal for the little people to take part in this nascent market.

Click here for Part 3: Foreshadowing

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