“Charity” Commentary

Click here for Part 2: Charity


“Wait a minute” I can hear you saying. “I thought there were supposed to be weed lessons over here!”

There will be, but I like telling stories so the lessons will be wrapped up in those stories. Fact is there are thousands of resources out there to learn how to grow weed. There are even industry recognized training programs now available (imagine how that would’ve sounded a decade ago). If you need to know…


…then this isn’t the place for you. At least not until I’ve finished the whole thing. When I’m done, that’s when this will truly be the resource to get you up and running quickly.

For now, I want to set the scene. Introduce the characters and their motivations.

…stall for more time to get the lesson plans together…

Ahem… Anyway, enjoy today’s comic!

Click here for Part 2: Charity

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